Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Show us your Thankfulness...

Halloween was AWESOME!!!  We had an amazing time with friends and family! Spaghetti dinner, trick-or-treating and sitting in our cul-de-sac around a fire pit with our neighbors after the kids all went to bed all added up to a perfect evening!  If you have seen or read The Chronicles of Narnia, then you will recognize our Halloween visitors... Susan Pevency, Queen of Narnia, Peter Pevency, King of Narnia and of course... ASLAN!!    Last year, Peter Pan was HUGE in our house, so we had Tiger Lily (the Indian Princess), a pirate, and Tinker Belle... Since Bailey always wants to be an obscure movie character, does that make her a touch dorky?  After all, Pocahontas is the famous Indian Princess, NOT Tiger Lily.  The girl cracks me up!  She really does know what she wants and for the past two years has gotten her siblings to follow the theme!  Something I can't seem to pull off! I wanted us all to go as The Incredible Family, but she won.  Now if we could just get her to pass the Real Estate Exam, she could sell you that waterfront property in Arizona you never knew you always wanted!! 
In an effort to bring the upcoming holiday/entire season home to our troupe we are creating a "Chain of Thankfulness".  I got the idea from the blogs sited towards the bottom.  Go check them out!  Hopefully I will have the time and inclination to attempt more crafts from other blogs like these!  Stay tuned....

But I digress....

So, back to the chain!  This thankfulness chain will be added to (hopefully) on a daily basis!  It will travel with us to Sedona, Az where my family will gather for Thanksgiving (Thank you Uncle Larry!  I am thankful for you!).  I really hope my extended family will add to our chain as well!  The chain would become so much more rich and meaningful with an entire family of gratefulness captured in one place!  After the tryptophan has worn off and the weather gets a touch bit cooler, the chain will adorn our CHRISTmas tree!  I am super excited about this project!  Since we will host CHRISTmas, the family will be able to revisit their thoughts from Turkey Day!  So family and Friends.... What are you thankful for?!  Comment below so I can add your thoughts to our chain! So far some highlights from the Turner Troupe-

1. Good Snakes, Will
2. Good Spiders the ones that eat Black Widows, Bailey
3. Food, Will
4. My Best Friends Ashley and Jordyn, Bailey

We (Nate and myself) have started our 30-day challenge!  Our first night of the challenge, after the last Trick-or-Treaters had embarked on their sugar induced comas, WE tackled ALL the dishes!!!!  I swear I slept better that night just knowing I would wake up to a clean, beautiful kitchen!!!   AND Fast Forward to this week (Nov. 8)... We have been dirty dish FREE!!!  We are so excited and happy!  It's amazing!

Our "scarecrows"

 Watch out!  It's the Endangered Two-headed Turner Turtle!

Where every girl belongs... with her daddy!
Love you all!