Monday, July 22, 2013

La Vida Loca and Lovin' it!!

So when Ricky Martin burst on the scene with his high energy, hip swingin', sweat producing, belt out at the top of my lungs in the car song, "Livin' La Vida Loca", I am not sure my life is what he had in mind!  What?! You.. don't... remember... that song?  Are you un-American?  Ok, let me set the scene... it's 1999, and I have just recently graduated high school, Bob Newhart gets his star on Hollywood Blvd, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is in theaters and Ricky Martin is making every girl swoon!

Ok!  So now you remember the song!  We can move on!

There are days I feel like I am livin' the crazy life... not la vida loca, that is too glamorous!  The crazy life!  But awwww, I love my crazy life!

 First day in Oma's pool for the Summer!

 Got his arm stuck in the hole where the seat belt comes out of.  Lots of sweat, snot and tears!  I had visions of the Escondido Fire Dept, using their jaws of life to rip apart my car to free his little arm!  He was trying to get he new green car.  Daddy saved the day, had to buy a new green car and the fire department wasn't involved!  All in a day's work!

 Fun birthday party for Cousins Elena and Alex!!!

 Love these faces!

 Face painting courtesy of Aunt Mary at the Escondido Street Fair.  Bailey had a dance performance there.

 Another one bites the dust!

 Date Night Padre Game!!  Man oh man!!!  I really love that guy!  And it's not because our seats are in the All-You-Can-Eat Section either! But they were, and I love that too!

 Christian Life Academy (CLA) graduated 13 students this year... This is Cameron, the little brother of one of the graduates, holding JJ (about 4 months old).

 2013 Recital

 Bailey danced the "Summer Waltz" by Tchaikovsky.  Finally got a perk from being the littlest in the class!!  She was lifted and twirled on stage!!

Will's 1st diaper change!

 Brothers!  I love this picture!

L to R: Alex, Elena, Will. Maggie, Sydney, Calvin, Jacob, Lucy, Joanna, Bailey, JJ and Amelia  
All of Sid and Patty's (Nate's mom) grand kids!  The Farrell's came to visit from Colorado!  We had a great time with them!!

So that's our crazy summer thus far!  I will post later about some projects we have done and trips we have taken!  And if anyone is interested I will blog a bit about our upcoming school year.  We aren't starting until after Labor Day, so there is still time!!