Monday, September 23, 2013

How our Summer began!

Two sick babies, a wedding up north and a promised vacation to the other 3 kids.... But as you can see, 

Sick Chubby cheek boy.

Loved the thermometer and my lap for 4 days straight... What trip to pack and get ready for?!   No, really... I am calm... just sitting here for 4 days while the laundry piles up and nothing gets ready for our vacation! REALLY! Ugh... STRESS BALL!

Tears and snot were her specialty.

Two sickies and one lap... What's a momma to do?!

But Nate and I bit the bullet and made the decision to go... I called in back up (my mom and grandma) to help with laundry, packing and shopping for car munchies.  We were able to get out of the house with 7 people packed, dog taken care of, and yummy goodies in my front seat in about 5 hours... Apparently they were spent!  Will and Bailey ate flies for breakfast!

Just joking!  We stopped for JnB (Jack in the Box) for breakfast.  Look who made a miraculous recovery!!

Turner Road!!

Just love her!

After spending time with my family at my cousin's wedding, we headed south, by way of Sacramento to take a look at our State's Capitol.... Seriously!  Go see your State's Capitol... So much history and power.  Just. Awesome.

Our Magpie, at a restaurant named after her!

Loved this park and walking leading up to the Capitol Building.

Wanna-be gangsta's in the rotunda? I don't know why this pose happened!

The rotunda.  My favorite part.  This picture doesn't do it justice!

So yeah... I was joking around and kept telling the kids I was just gonna walk in to a room (most of which were closed, locked doors, or open empty rooms, it was a Sunday) and take a peek.  So finally I saw a door on my left, coming up in the hallway that was ajar... So I started to walk in... right into THAT door, into THAT meeting. DORK. The kids got a good laugh!

She looks so innocent......

Can you say Wet Willie?!

Smile Daddy, ahhh LUCY?, Captain America, Diva Bailey and Gangsta Maggie? Let's try that again she says!!

Nate had had it by this time, so had Lucy, Bailey is up for a photo shoot anytime, I think Will saw a "Squirrel" and there is that gangsta again! Just strange I tell you!  So the building looks like the leaning tower of Pisa and I didn't quite get that "Look at what we did on our Summer Vacation" Christmas card quality photo I had hoped for.... Not like I have EVER sent out Christmas cards or anything crazy like that!  Guess I am forever holding our for the perfect picture.  Yup that's it!  Waiting for the perfect picture!  That is my story and I am sticking to it!

If I were any other mom, I wouldn't have posted this picture... But even though he is saying "We are #1" with the wrong finger, I just couldn't pass up his cuteness!

Looking out from the Capitol Building... And we are outta here....
"Guys!  Humor me!  In 20 years, I really want you all to remember I was here too!"

I just wish I could be remembered on this trip without my 2nd and 3rd chin... Note to self, 

Baby Girl Lucy

Stopping to air out our britches!

We made it home in one piece, with all 5 of them and still speaking to each other... the barometer for any good vacation!