Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just some minor updates!!

First things, FIRST!  I saw this on a blog I follow and totally laughed!  Thank goodness I had just used the restroom or else I would have laughed so hard I would have tears running down my legs....!  There are many days I feel like this!  Especially the closer we get to meeting Lucy!


Let's see... since we last spoke we have done... well... not a whole heck of a lot!  Mainly just hitting our stride in our routine, all in time to get the routine all jumbled up when Lucy arrives!

Running Club Update- Bailey has run a total of 10 miles, since we began on September 12th.  It's an average of about 3/4 of a mile a Monday.  However, just today she ran 2.25 miles!!  Will has slowed a bit.  I think he is up to about 7 or so miles.  He spends the morning playing with trucks or tractors that he brings from home.  And Mags seems to go at my pace!  She has gone about 3 miles!  Not bad since she started a month into it!  Next week our club is going to Carlsbad to meet up with their Running Club for the "Harvest Hustle"!  The kids are pretty excited about getting to run in their costumes!  Don't worry!  Pictures will be taken!  THEN!!!  On Thanksgiving Day our Club is hosting the "Turkey Trot"!!  At 8:30am we will meet at Hollandia Park in San Marcos!  Who wants to join us?!!

School- Like I said we have just started hitting our stride!  The quarter ends on November 4th and looking back on the things we have done, I am super excited about Bailey's progress!  (I actually think I am more excited about the Parent/Teacher Conference!!  But that's another story! LOL!) She is really becoming a self starter and we are working a ton on her independence while doing her school work!  The little ones are working diligently on focusing for 20 minute stretches.  They sit with us during our church sermons and since church has started back up, it's time to get back into our good habits!  We start at ten minutes and then gradually increase the time over the course of a couple weeks.  Long precess, but oh so worth it!!

Lucy- Well today I am officially 37 weeks.  Although I think those dates are off, so I think I am closer so 40 weeks, and that would be why my Doctor is so interested in HOW BIG SHE IS!!!  I go in this Thursday for a sonogram so he can get a more accurate sizing.  She has been consistently measuring 2-3 weeks bigger then her gestational age would seem.  So I am hoping he wants to go get her out sooner rather then later!  But the consolation is, I KNOW she will be here 11/11/11!!

NESTING!  I don't think I have ever nested or even had the desire... except Now!  I think Nate is scared!  He actually said today, "I am not sure what to do, or where to help!  I have never seen you like this!"  I have so many things I want to get done before Lucy arrives!  And today I must confess, I probably overdid it!  Our lives have been packed away in our garage since April, and today I felt a very strong urge to unearth boxes.  I was looking for all of our baby girl clothes and other things like, baby bathtub, toys, etc.  I found a bunch of stuff!  I feel very accomplished today.  My next task is to assimilate all this baby stuff into the house.  That is a daunting task!  Oh! And I found the girls' bike helmets!!  WAHOO!!  Legal again!

So that is about it.  17 days until D-Day, but feel free to join in my prayers for an earlier delivery!  It's not so much being uncomfortable, because as many of you have heard me say... This is the best pregnancy yet!  But Bailey, Will and Mags are soooo ANXIOUS!!  They are adding to my complete desire to hug, hold and kiss Lucy on the outside!  I just can't wait to see how all the kisses, hugs and zerberts that WE are receiving from them, will translate to her being on the outside. 

More updates and pictures soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We are not Mac users.  We don't have anything that resembles anything associated with Apple in our house, except for iPeed and iPood.  I know you are thinking of the kids.  At any given moment one of them could be the culprit.  However yesterday... it was me.  I am now 8 months pregnant (however I think closer to 8 1/2) and apparently my bladder muscles aren't what they used to be.  I thought this was a condition I was able to avoid by all my c-sections.  And to a certain extent it is... except when your baby's head is using your bladder has a pillow for her head.  I have been leaking for almost 2 weeks now.  Just a slow leak.  I feel like I may mildew.  And then it happened.  I sneezed.  I peed.  To make this a better story, I somehow convinced myself that since I had just been to the bathroom, I couldn't possibly of had enough in there to make such a puddle.  Er go... my water must have broken!  SO I conjure some tightening and light contractions up in my head and call my doctor who sends me to the hospital to get checked out.  The kids and I come home from running club, pack a little bag for Moosie and me (just in case) and meet Nate at the hospital.  This of course after he has asked for prayer in his office meeting about Lucy's impending arrival today!!  We get to the fourth floor, the kids are excited, we register, walk down the hall to our assigned room and in walks Nurse Cranky, I mean Diane.  Apparently children should be seen and not heard (she mentioned the waiting room down the hall that has a TV and books to keep kids quiet and entertained a couple of times) and women in their 4th pregnancy should KNOW FOR SURE whether or not they are truly in labor.  She was not amused by the Turner Troupe at all.  Personally, I think they were EXTREMELY well behaved for how excited they were AND I was a dutiful mom just making sure my baby was healthy!  She didn't seem to have the same feelings.  She even openly and outwardly complained numerous times about the test my doctor ordered for me.  Apparently it was the most expensive test AND it was a timed test, meaning she would have to expend a few more brain cells.  All this on top of the fact that I have to waddle the walk of shame back to my car, having just peed myself 3 hours earlier.  AWESOME.

The take aways form this dry... er... wet run!
1.  We are now pre-registered at the hospital!
2.  I know what laundry needs to be done to pack an adequate bag for me.
3.  The kids and I need to clean their room.
4.  I need to clean my room and make a place for Lucy.
5.  I need to make some freezable meals to serve the troupe when Lucy and I are home.
6.  I really need Depends.

Love you!  Can't wait for Lucy to come....

Waiting, as Mommy and Daddy get checked in at the hospital. 
William just poked himself in the eye and doesn't want anyone to see.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Favorite quote of the week from a boy to his father,
"Don't zip up Mr. Happy, because if you do that he will be Mr. Angry!"

Future Tapper.  Wearing Bailey's tap shoes and no diaper.
The ending is the best part! "I did it!"

Sat like this for 45 minutes while we all (Grandma Lisa, Me and kids) enjoyed our Starbucks.  No is really quite sure why she was so mad. 

At the Woody Show at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas

I think I would actually consider trading in my Excursion in for this!  It has a 3rd row afterall!!
Yeah... Random Family Fun!


And scene!

Check out the double rainbow we had a few weeks ago!
 Both rainbows were complete!  So amazing!  The pictures don't quite do them justice.
Sibling love!

And for the love of everything sacred and holy, can someone please tell me how to center the title picture?!  Driving me nuts!

Love ya!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our 3 AM Visitor and 1st Week of Fall Pictures!!

For the last 2 1/2 almost 3 weeks we have a had a rather small, unhappy, super cuddly visitor in our room on average of 2-3 times a night.  Maggie.  Not exactly sure what is going on in her world, but man o man!  Guess she is getting us ready for Baby Moosie's arrival!  Nate and I even look at each other in the morning and count the number of "wakes-ups" we had.  We have already started sounding like the parents of a newborn again!  Luckily for me though, these "wake-ups" don't require much of me!!  AKA, no nursing!  She is content to be reassured that life is okay and be put back to bed.  However, if it is past 4am or so, Nate just keeps her in bed with us.  It's ok normally, unless Moosie has kept me up with restless leg, heartburn or trips to the potty.  But did I mention Maggie is SUPER cuddly?!  I love feeling her breath against my neck and hearing her suck her pacifier.  Nate has said before, "I think if she could, Maggie would just crawl inside of us!"  I hope she never looses that!

Subject #2... Fall Pictures

Last week (I think September 28th) we went on a field trip to the Van Ommerings Dairy Farm and Oma's Pumpkin Patch!  We had great time!  Hayride, cottonseed hill to sled down, petting zoo, hay barrels to climb, maze to navigate through and other fun things!!

Lookin' Good!

Silly kids!

The "How Pumpkins Grow" talk.  When the group was asked, "What do pumpkins grow in?"  The group yelled "DIRT!"  But the Turner kids all yelled, "SOIL!"  They got a thumbs up from the speaker!!Thanks Oma and Grandma Lisa for getting us the right information!!

On the hayride

Ummm yea... After this tour, the kids decided pastured cows are happier.  This place STINKS and was soooo gross!!!!

What Lockout?!

Queen of all she surveys.  Especially her little sister.

Girls are in the center on the same sled and the Boy's bottom is facing you, just below them. This is the cottonseed hill!!

 William heading down.  Please excuse my voice...

The girls.  And no! That is not my voice!  It is my friends!!

Hope you all are having a great day!  So far we have had Apple Cider and hot cocoa with marshmallows to welcome the cool weather and drizzle we are experiencing today!!

Love you!