Monday, July 20, 2009

Pictures you were all promised....

1. HAIR today, GONE tomorrow!

Notice the shear magnitude of hair on his head! Never mind the fact that there was so much of it that it had a mind of it's freaking own! Above his ear on the left side! That was the straw (or should I say hair) that broke the camel's (or Mommy and Daddy's) back!
Ahhh.... Everyone breath a sigh of relief! It just looks waaaaay cooler (as in temperature, he is already the coolest dude around!).

Check out the front cowlick! His hair sticks straight up!

2. The Race Car Bed!

As you can see, the crib is still in there. We are taking it out this week!! He only wanted to go into it one night at 2am after he woke up after falling out of the race car! Actually, only his head fell out! His body was in bed, but his head was hanging off the side, on the floor! Basically he was upside down! That could have been some serious road rash, or just a more painful way to remove his crazy hair!

3. The Diapers

So, I guess I need to take some better photos.... These are pictures of Maggie wearing the Gro Baby diaper, in Blackberry. We also have Kiwi (green) and Tangerine (orange). I'll get better pictures! But for now... Diapers butts drive me nuts! Take that anyway you want to! I am sure whatever you are thinking about that statement, at some point in my day, is true!
And while we are on the subject of diapers... while I was busy writing this post, Maggie was busy filling her diaper, while sitting on my lap. Thank goodness they don't leak! So I guess this is where I will stop for today! I am off to see a lady about some poo.

Poor Dude.

Ya know how my last post was on the 15th of July...? And I mentioned some big changes in William's life?! Well on the 16th, he ALMOST had another life altering experience! It all started Thursday morning when Nate was helping me get the Dude off of our bed (with a Cali King, sometimes this is the hardest part of my day!). He grabbed Will by the ankle and wrist, pulled him off the bed and handed him to me, sounds fairly harmless right?! Well, the Dude immediately grabbed his arm and was guarding the sucker like we were going to chop it off! For a guy who normally walks away from falling off chairs onto tile, it worried us just a bit. After this going on ALL morning we took him into Urgent Care. They made him a little half cast, put his arm in the cutest, tiniest sling and sent him to get X-rays. ALL were negative thank God! But he was still in tons of pain so they made an appointment for a follow-up visit and wanted him to keep wearing the half cast and sling until his appointment on Friday afternoon. After all that, he woke up on Friday like NOTHING had ever happened. He was back to swatting at and pinching his sister and running his cars on the walls up and down the hallway! Little Stinker! The good news is, I got pictures of his first piece of plaster!

After the whole ordeal we went to the Wild Animal Park. It was hot, but nothing Pink Lemonade, a Cherry Icee and a Root Beer Float couldn't handle!

Oh! And did I mention, while all this was going on an old lady hit my car and left a lot of her paint and a dent on my bumper! Yeah! It was a great day!

Hard to see the damage in this picture... I will take it in to get repaired and drive a rental for a few days! The little old lady has GOOD insurance. But I am sure with my luck I will end up with a Yugo for a rental! Can you imagine all of us in that! Pure comedy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Times They Are a Changin'

This month has brought about much change to the Turner Household. Especially for Sir William!

1. Will was due for another haircut. I think it would have been like number 11 in less than 18 months! With the weather getting warmer we decided to just shave it! It took two of us! I held him down (basically like I was his straight jacket!) and Nate shaved it ALL off! It was a little difficult to get used to, but not we love it! I think he likes it too! Not as hot with all of that hair gone!

2. Now that William LOOKS like a big boy, it was high time he slept like one! The dude now has a blue race car bed! He LOVES it! Nap time nor bedtime had ever been an issue (just like his daddy) but now not only is he okay with going down, he actually asks for his milk, blankie and car!

3. After that we embarked on a new adventure as a family! CLOTH DIAPERING! I have to admit, good ol' Mother Nature wasn't our motive! The checking account was! With TWO babies in diapers full-time, Bailey wearing them for naps and overnight and no end in sight, we decided to give it a try! It's been just over a week and so far so good. Preplanning and a great washer and dryer go a long way! Now I just have to figure out what we will do on our Road Trip this August. With the cost of gas and disposable diapers it just might be cheaper to fly! Ha, Ha!

So I know this is a fairly boring post, what with no pictures and all, but I figured I would write now (while I have time) and post pictures later when I don't have as much time!

I promise I will post pictures VERY soon! Love you all and miss you tons! If you live west of Idaho we'll hopefully be seeing you in August!