Monday, July 20, 2009

Pictures you were all promised....

1. HAIR today, GONE tomorrow!

Notice the shear magnitude of hair on his head! Never mind the fact that there was so much of it that it had a mind of it's freaking own! Above his ear on the left side! That was the straw (or should I say hair) that broke the camel's (or Mommy and Daddy's) back!
Ahhh.... Everyone breath a sigh of relief! It just looks waaaaay cooler (as in temperature, he is already the coolest dude around!).

Check out the front cowlick! His hair sticks straight up!

2. The Race Car Bed!

As you can see, the crib is still in there. We are taking it out this week!! He only wanted to go into it one night at 2am after he woke up after falling out of the race car! Actually, only his head fell out! His body was in bed, but his head was hanging off the side, on the floor! Basically he was upside down! That could have been some serious road rash, or just a more painful way to remove his crazy hair!

3. The Diapers

So, I guess I need to take some better photos.... These are pictures of Maggie wearing the Gro Baby diaper, in Blackberry. We also have Kiwi (green) and Tangerine (orange). I'll get better pictures! But for now... Diapers butts drive me nuts! Take that anyway you want to! I am sure whatever you are thinking about that statement, at some point in my day, is true!
And while we are on the subject of diapers... while I was busy writing this post, Maggie was busy filling her diaper, while sitting on my lap. Thank goodness they don't leak! So I guess this is where I will stop for today! I am off to see a lady about some poo.

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  1. Molly, I love love love cloth diapers. We have used them full time since Riv was about 1 month. They are so cute and they work way better on River than disposables.
    Here is a link to a cloth dipe group I am a part of These women are really knowledgeable and very helpful.
    Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.
    Love Carra (