Thursday, September 9, 2010

"You are doing WHAT??!! Are you CRAZY?!"

We have chosen to Homeschool and yes, we are crazy. But you probably already knew the answer to that one. And on top of that, yes we cloth diaper and serve as many preservative-less, artificial-less, natural, organic food to our kids as we can. Do not worry... I am still shaving my legs and as for my arm pickles... yes, it has been awhile, I will get to those soon. Promise. This new addition to our blog serves only to let you all know what we have been up to. And... well, yes, you are right! That is what this blog has always been about. Just what we (The Turner's) are doing. Nothing more. Nothing less. We do not aim to convert you, judge you or be judged ourselves (especially if we have typos!!). As family and friends, we just thought you might like to know how we are doing!! And on a selfish note, we are hoping that in the years to come, we can look back at these posts and say, "Wow, we have done something in our kid's lives. Wow! Remember that?! Oh! And that! That was so much fun!" Or even, "Ohhh man. Let's not ever do that AGAIN!! That is fodder for their future therapy sessions!" So after all the disclaimers... finally on to the craziness that is our life. We had a great summer! Lots of beach trips, picnics, days at Sea World, etc! The excitement for school in our house was palpable! Finally the time came to purchase some much needed school supplies! Lucky for us, we started school late (or ontime, traditionally school always starts AFTER Labor Day!), and thus were able to take advantage of Target's clearance sale of all things school! This means, when the Dude wanted everything Bailey was getting, Mommy could say, "Why the heck not!!" And good thing too, because when Tuesday, September... (hold on let me turn around to check our super cute, polka dot bulletin board/calendar...) 7th rolled around, guess who bellied up to the table?! The Dude. And right about now, I bet you are hoping to see some pictures of "Our First Day!", but alas... we are HOMEschooling afterall and well.... we didn't have to leave the house... therefore... yeah, the boy was naked. On the second day we instituted a new rule. "School can't start until everyone is wearing underwear and we have prayed." So far, so good! In case anyone was curious about the particulars (if you are not, just skip this section) here they are: We are doing Traditional Christian Family Homeschooling. We picked out My Father's World, Kindergarten, for our curriculum. We are spicing it up with some other things and are considering a separate math curriculum for Bailey, as she is so hungry for more. But, we will take our time on that decision. Don't really want to overwhelm her or us. Our family has decided to join Christian Life Academy, rather than filing our own affidavit with the state. It is called a Private School Satellite Program. Basically, we make all our own decisions, etc and they turn in all the required record keeping and turn in to the state for us. THey also offer encouragement, parent seminars, basically just a community of people doing the exact same thing we are! Plus, when our kids are in High School, they will have the opportunity to participate in CIF High School Athletics. Nate is the coach of CLA's Boy Basketball and Boys Volleyball teams and I have been asked to coach the Softball team this Spring. Okay! Sorry to take so much of your time! Thanks for reading! I will try to keep everyone updated more regularly! If you even have any questions, concerns, comments, etc about things we are doing never hesitate to let us know! We welcome it all! Love you all a ton!!

The pictures are from Bailey's 5th Birthday party in March. It was her first friend party! My great friend, Jennifer Williamson took the photos!!


  1. Way to be so involved in your kiddos' education! It's a big responsibility, but I think it's awesome :) I can't wait to see all of you and for you to meet Emma soon!

  2. YOur preaching to the choir sister! Will be doing something similar when the time comes!!!!