Friday, September 24, 2010

A New Song!!

... He did it again!
Pooped in his pants
At the Library...
Oh, Willie, Willie
You made me believe
it wouldn't happen again!
You're not that innocent!!

Yeah... well.... Apparently neither of us is trained in the potty arena.  If he was trained, a foul odor would not have wafted towards me, as I sat thumbing through books about Neil Armstrong and Apollo 13. And if I were potty trained, I would have marched his little behind to the bathroom BEFORE I got so engrossed by afore mentioned books.  Instead I was "en-grossed" by poo in the chonies!  We promptly left the library, before the stench permeated the entire juvenile section of the Escondido Library.

Then he fell asleep on the way home... AWESOME. (she says sarcastically) The poo monster has fallen asleep in my car and I need to get him out of my hot car.  Just let your imagination run wild with that whole endeavor (getting sleeping child out of the car, into a pull-up and into bed, all without waking him up or getting fecal matter on me or the car.).  Did I accomplish my mission.... Not really.

Ahhh but I digress.....  It is S-s-sun week folks!!!  We made sun bread, tried to make raisins (more on the "tried" later), documented our shadows at different parts of the day and played A TON outside in God's sun.  Our attempt to make raisins out of grapes hit two snags! #1 Not a whole lot of sun this week, with today being the exception. But that didn't matter because, snag #2... We lost the grapes.  Anyways... the Sun Bread was good!

Have a great weekend and week!  Next we are going to the M-m-moon!!  If you have any good books we should read, any activities or crafts or any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

Love you all!

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