Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Smattering of Summer

Just last night Nate looked at me and said something to the effect of, "WOW! We have had a great summer, but I think we need to start putting the 'One Chore a Day' focus back into our schedule!"  And by the looks of all the pictures I had to choose from to post, I COULDN'T AGREE MORE... with the GREAT SUMMER part, I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole idea of chores, school starting back up and our "Do Anything That Floats Our Boat" Saturdays!!  Soccer on Saturdays is inevitable and learning to help around the house is imperative to our success as a large family... but we do have the freedom to delay the start of school a tad, and we just might!!

SO here are a few more "happenings"from our summer.  Some pictures are just teasers for entire posts wanting, desiring, needing to be blogged.  I really will get totally up to date before school starts!  We just may not start school until December!  HA!

These pictures ARE IN NO ORDER WHAT-SO-EVER!!!  Sorry if that hurts your brain!

Back in June Nate Turner Real Estate (aka: Us!) hosted our 2nd annual summertime client appreciation party!  We had a local Hawaiian Shave Ice Company cater the event, so Nate and I could just hang out with and say thank you to our clients without all the clean up and serving!  Our kids were stoked because they didn't have to answer to mom and dad every time they wanted more!!
Michele Pollard holding Jeffrey J.  They even match!

Not having to ask mom and dad for 2nd's or 12th's makes for crazy looking tongues and technicolor bowel movements the next day!  I am just speaking truth!  We keep it real around here!
Guess what color her pants turned?!!

Saddest part of the day is when the bounce house guys deflates your fun... oh well, more shave ice anyone?!

Just your average Wednesday at the grocery store with Oma!  Those are not my kids, they are used to things like this and would never stop and stare at Oma like that!!  I think she will kill me for posting this, but hey, at least I didn't post it on Facebook! Gotta keep something for blackmail!

Loving my red Keds!  My friend Lindsey bought some too!  Now we are twinsies!  Except she is 5'11... skinny... and a great dresser... But other than we totally look alike... from the ankle down... when we both wear our red shoes!

Two of my bathing beauties!!

Hello downhill sidewalk, my name is Maggie, aka "Timex" The girl takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'! Yeah... didn't cry and did not want a band-aid until after our day at the beach.  That is when we met Lifeguard John!  He now waves when he sees us on Friday's!  He is either waving "Hello!" or shooing us away hoping we don't come near him!  I prefer to think he saying Hi!

 Remember Will and the seat belt incident? This is Maggie's leg stuck in the railings of our bed... for this she cries.  Go figure! Again, I had visions of the fire department coming into our house to cut away our bed, to free Maggie.  I wasn't scared for her or how she would react, I was terrified for the firefighters having to navigate their way through my room to get to her!  Let's just say, I rely HEAVILY on the "Do as I say, not as I do!" aspect of parenting.  After all, I am the Indian Princess for the Kickapath Tribe.

Does my heart good to see my girl reading!!  Aunt Mary gave her this series for Christmas and she loves it!!  Written by Whoopi Goldberg, it's all about little girls and the drama and excitement surrounding ballet class!

Yup, yup!!  Bought a pop-up!! This is one of those teasers!! One whole post just about our camping craziness!!

Thank Heaven for 7-11 day!!  Last year July 11th (get it? 7/11! FREE Slurpee Day!)  was during the week, so mommy may have fudged the rules a bit and we went to multiple 7-11 locations while daddy was working!  However this year daddy took the day off to join us!!  Our one treat this year was superb!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!!  Can't remember the last time I had so much fun!!  And we still have over a month to go!  Wonder what kind of trouble, er, I mean FUN we can get into next!

Love you all!  
Remember to smile at someone today!