Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bailey's 4th Birthday

Hard to believe she is already four! Crazy! Where has the time gone?!
So we just had a family party. It was great fun! Just for reference, Maggie was born 4 days after the party!

Blowing out her candle!

So many people to celebrate with!

For MY birthday, my mommy bought me cupcake liners that you can make into different shapes! Bailey wanted me to make a butterfly! Not bad for my first attempt, if I do say so myself!

Our 4 year old baby!

After the party died down, Daddy ran them around the house in a big, plastic tub! TOO FUN!!

The Bella Elena Day Spa - Hannah's Baby Shower

We all had so much fun planning and attending Hannah's shower! We did a spa day at my house! Sasha my cousin did waxing and her friend Sonya did massage and acupuncture!!! We also did manis and pedis! SO much fun!
Nick, Dave, Nate and Will did guys stuff on this day! They went to a car show in Del Mar! Will liked going fast in Uncle Nick's car!

Hannah and her long time friend Sarah!

Isn't Hannah beautiful? Literally, it looks like she put a basketball under her shirt! My niece (I am so excited to finally be an Aunt!), Elena Sibersky, is due May 10th! What a wonderful Anniversary present for Nate and me! We will probably be in Santa Barbara meeting her over our 6 year wedding anniversary!

Sonya did a beautiful baby acupuncture series on Hannah. Look close you might be able to see the needles!

Wahoo! Tons o diapers! Bailey was the "Girl Santa" for Hannah! She takes her job very seriously!

Too cute!

Bailey doing her own nails! Sasha did her toes for her!

Bottled water marking the theme and day!

Shawna getting her eyebrows waxed!

Lots of beautiful gifts!

Sonya giving a massage!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Latest Holidays...

Brush Real Estate's Annual Christmas Party. Nate's Broker, Glen, is Santa, it's the only way we have a Santa picture with Bailey in it! We go carolling to convalescent homes!

Daddy got a croquet set for Christmas! The dude with a mallet is a scary thing!

Bailey was a butterfly for Halloween. Sorry I forgot to rotate the picture!

William LOVES his blankie, so we did the cheap easy costume! He was Linus from the "Peanuts" comic strip!

The Dude!

So much of this blog, thus far, has had the girls with a bit of William sprinkled in. SO here he is! His own post!

Picking out his pumpkin

The two most handsome guys ever!


I wish I had a picture of what happened right after this picture was taken! The man in the background is a stranger, William walked up and started to take food out of his hand. Everyone thought he would try to feed the goat, but NOOOO! He started eating it! The guy reacted without thinking and yelled no, no, no which totally scared Will! Poor guy!

Balloons are good.

Dinner time!!

More dinner! Actually I think that is dessert!

Chubby buddy! This picture is before he had any haircuts!! Do I hear Donald Trump look-a-like?!

I just love hm!


I know! I know! Things are way out of order and all that! But once I get you all caught up with pictures, I will begin doing things more chronologically!
Superman and his kryptonite, aka Big Sister!

Uncle Jeff with The Maggie!

Just hangin' out in Oma's north 40!

Uncle Jeff and Maggie. This time she is wearing her Easter Dress!

Bailey on Palm Sunday with her Sunday School class, waiting to go into "Big Church" to wave the, as Bailey called them, Pom Poms! Try it... it is hard to say Palm Frawns!!! I think we became the parents we have all been worried about becoming! Her face says it all, "Why are you taking my picture in front of my whole class? No one else's parents are out here taking pictures!!" Yes Bailey, they were out there, we just weren't as covert about it!!

Some pictures of Maggie's first few weeks

Nate was able to stay away from the office during her first week at home, to help us all cope with the transition! During week two he went back to the office, but only in small amounts. It was so nice to have him around!

During the first week we discovered 1. her love for the pacifier 2. the Turner Troupe's love of wrestling each other and the best of all 3. GROCERY DELIVERY!!!! How the heck are you supposed to go shopping with THREE in tow?

This picture totally cracks me up! Will looks so tired! This is in the hospital the day after Maggie's EARLY morning arrival!

Maggie, Bailey and Avery Williamson (born 2/28/09, a little less then 3 wks before Maggie). Maggie's best friend, except of course for her siblings!

All the friends! Luke Williamson is Will's best buddy!

Sleeping in Grandma Lisa's arms!

Maggie's first bath. The "Experts" are watching closely to make sure we do everything right! Maggie is not enjoying this at all!


She rode the Matterhorn! And loved it!

Maniac driver on Autopia. She said this was her favorite ride! We went twice so Nate and I could each take a turn with her! It was awesome letting her be in complete control of the steering wheel!

A little freaked out at the big Mouse!

Ahh... the teacups!!!

The Princesses!!!!

Ariel is Bailey's favorite princess. The shirt she wore that day had Ariel on it and actually played the song "Under the Sea".

Cinderella (William's favorite princess, he calls her Rella! Should any of that bother us? )and Bailey wearing afore mentioned shirt!

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) listening to the shirt!

The princesses were amazing. I was crying by the end of her time with them (in my defense I was pregnant!)! They all took so much time with her!

Her first pair of ears!

Our very own Sleeping Beauty!

Here she is!

Our newest two feet! Her official name (given to her by big sister Bailey) is:

Maggie Marguerite Eileen Turner Jelly Bean Pie

Born March 18th, 2009 at 3:22 am

Weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz with a length of 20 1/2 inches

She does not have nearly as much hair as her older counterparts and is not as tongue tied as them either! She totally has her own look! So far she has been a VERY good baby! So good and quiet in fact, I once left Grandma Ellen's house without her! I had two kids heading out to the car and that seemed like plenty! My mom did come out to the car with her, sure I hadn't forgotten about her, but just that I may not have had enough hands! We will stick with that story in case anyone asks!

First BAth. More pics of that to come.

Bailey and William LOVE her! No jealousy, just adoration!

Lots of sleeping! Good girl!

DO NOT tell Bailey they don't look alike! You WILL be told otherwise!

First car ride home from the hospital.

Now I will work on getting caught up with pictures, like Bailey's birthday, our trip to Disneyland, holidays, etc!! They will be posted in no particular order until I am sufficiently caught up!