Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bella Elena Day Spa - Hannah's Baby Shower

We all had so much fun planning and attending Hannah's shower! We did a spa day at my house! Sasha my cousin did waxing and her friend Sonya did massage and acupuncture!!! We also did manis and pedis! SO much fun!
Nick, Dave, Nate and Will did guys stuff on this day! They went to a car show in Del Mar! Will liked going fast in Uncle Nick's car!

Hannah and her long time friend Sarah!

Isn't Hannah beautiful? Literally, it looks like she put a basketball under her shirt! My niece (I am so excited to finally be an Aunt!), Elena Sibersky, is due May 10th! What a wonderful Anniversary present for Nate and me! We will probably be in Santa Barbara meeting her over our 6 year wedding anniversary!

Sonya did a beautiful baby acupuncture series on Hannah. Look close you might be able to see the needles!

Wahoo! Tons o diapers! Bailey was the "Girl Santa" for Hannah! She takes her job very seriously!

Too cute!

Bailey doing her own nails! Sasha did her toes for her!

Bottled water marking the theme and day!

Shawna getting her eyebrows waxed!

Lots of beautiful gifts!

Sonya giving a massage!

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