Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some pictures of Maggie's first few weeks

Nate was able to stay away from the office during her first week at home, to help us all cope with the transition! During week two he went back to the office, but only in small amounts. It was so nice to have him around!

During the first week we discovered 1. her love for the pacifier 2. the Turner Troupe's love of wrestling each other and the best of all 3. GROCERY DELIVERY!!!! How the heck are you supposed to go shopping with THREE in tow?

This picture totally cracks me up! Will looks so tired! This is in the hospital the day after Maggie's EARLY morning arrival!

Maggie, Bailey and Avery Williamson (born 2/28/09, a little less then 3 wks before Maggie). Maggie's best friend, except of course for her siblings!

All the friends! Luke Williamson is Will's best buddy!

Sleeping in Grandma Lisa's arms!

Maggie's first bath. The "Experts" are watching closely to make sure we do everything right! Maggie is not enjoying this at all!

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