Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Dude!

So much of this blog, thus far, has had the girls with a bit of William sprinkled in. SO here he is! His own post!

Picking out his pumpkin

The two most handsome guys ever!


I wish I had a picture of what happened right after this picture was taken! The man in the background is a stranger, William walked up and started to take food out of his hand. Everyone thought he would try to feed the goat, but NOOOO! He started eating it! The guy reacted without thinking and yelled no, no, no which totally scared Will! Poor guy!

Balloons are good.

Dinner time!!

More dinner! Actually I think that is dessert!

Chubby buddy! This picture is before he had any haircuts!! Do I hear Donald Trump look-a-like?!

I just love hm!

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