Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I know! I know! Things are way out of order and all that! But once I get you all caught up with pictures, I will begin doing things more chronologically!
Superman and his kryptonite, aka Big Sister!

Uncle Jeff with The Maggie!

Just hangin' out in Oma's north 40!

Uncle Jeff and Maggie. This time she is wearing her Easter Dress!

Bailey on Palm Sunday with her Sunday School class, waiting to go into "Big Church" to wave the, as Bailey called them, Pom Poms! Try it... it is hard to say Palm Frawns!!! I think we became the parents we have all been worried about becoming! Her face says it all, "Why are you taking my picture in front of my whole class? No one else's parents are out here taking pictures!!" Yes Bailey, they were out there, we just weren't as covert about it!!

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