Wednesday, April 15, 2009


She rode the Matterhorn! And loved it!

Maniac driver on Autopia. She said this was her favorite ride! We went twice so Nate and I could each take a turn with her! It was awesome letting her be in complete control of the steering wheel!

A little freaked out at the big Mouse!

Ahh... the teacups!!!

The Princesses!!!!

Ariel is Bailey's favorite princess. The shirt she wore that day had Ariel on it and actually played the song "Under the Sea".

Cinderella (William's favorite princess, he calls her Rella! Should any of that bother us? )and Bailey wearing afore mentioned shirt!

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) listening to the shirt!

The princesses were amazing. I was crying by the end of her time with them (in my defense I was pregnant!)! They all took so much time with her!

Her first pair of ears!

Our very own Sleeping Beauty!

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