Friday, September 17, 2010

Ta Da!!

It is week #2 and voila... just like that, here is post #2!!!

This picture just melts my heart. They are why Nate and I have chosen this path. Look at those faces! I may be going out on a limb, but I think they are pretty awesome kids! I want to hang out with them!! And look! The Dude is actually wearing clothes!! This was taken at Kit Carson Park last Friday at the monthly CFS Escondido (Christian Family School) Park Day. The high school age kids were there to play games with the little ones, make sure they didn't kamikaze off the slide and (our families personal favorite) make snow cones while the moms could relax (stare blankly at each other), enjoy the beautiful day that God gave us (without sweating to death because of the monkeys that insist on being carried or sitting on you in hot, Escondido weather) and encourage each other in our shared journey(make plans for the next "Mom's Night Out"!!).

Bailey finished her first project, book about Creation! She is so very eager to read to everyone! She is our little evangelist! Kinda freaks me out sometimes! She is also catching on to this whole reading thing! Talk about cool!!! She read the babies their naptime books on Thursday! She is having sooo much fun reading signs as we drive! Pretty soon she will be a better (or worse, depends on how you look at it) backseat driver than anyone I know! Scary!

Next week starts our unit studies, it is S-s-sun. The best week is L-l-weaf. Yup. The dude strikes again! He hasn't quite gotten the "L" sound down yet. So "Grandma Weesa works at Wowes" and he really likes "sitting on your waf" (lap!) while you read him stories! Yeeeah... not really sure where the "P" goes in that one!

But really, I should be going! We went to the library today and left with 14 books and 2 DVDs. I need to look through the "sun" books to get prepared for next week. The joke in all this is really on me! I never much prepared for school and NEVER read an entire book (Cliff's Notes were always sufficient). And no! I am not going overkill with 14 books and 2 DVDs on the sun. Who do you think I am?! We have Fancy Nancy, lots of trains books and a few really cool picture books for Mags.

So TTFN, I am off the read about the sun... or maybe I will nap, since that is what they are all doing!! And oh yeah... I almost forgot the best part!!


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