Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We are not Mac users.  We don't have anything that resembles anything associated with Apple in our house, except for iPeed and iPood.  I know you are thinking of the kids.  At any given moment one of them could be the culprit.  However yesterday... it was me.  I am now 8 months pregnant (however I think closer to 8 1/2) and apparently my bladder muscles aren't what they used to be.  I thought this was a condition I was able to avoid by all my c-sections.  And to a certain extent it is... except when your baby's head is using your bladder has a pillow for her head.  I have been leaking for almost 2 weeks now.  Just a slow leak.  I feel like I may mildew.  And then it happened.  I sneezed.  I peed.  To make this a better story, I somehow convinced myself that since I had just been to the bathroom, I couldn't possibly of had enough in there to make such a puddle.  Er go... my water must have broken!  SO I conjure some tightening and light contractions up in my head and call my doctor who sends me to the hospital to get checked out.  The kids and I come home from running club, pack a little bag for Moosie and me (just in case) and meet Nate at the hospital.  This of course after he has asked for prayer in his office meeting about Lucy's impending arrival today!!  We get to the fourth floor, the kids are excited, we register, walk down the hall to our assigned room and in walks Nurse Cranky, I mean Diane.  Apparently children should be seen and not heard (she mentioned the waiting room down the hall that has a TV and books to keep kids quiet and entertained a couple of times) and women in their 4th pregnancy should KNOW FOR SURE whether or not they are truly in labor.  She was not amused by the Turner Troupe at all.  Personally, I think they were EXTREMELY well behaved for how excited they were AND I was a dutiful mom just making sure my baby was healthy!  She didn't seem to have the same feelings.  She even openly and outwardly complained numerous times about the test my doctor ordered for me.  Apparently it was the most expensive test AND it was a timed test, meaning she would have to expend a few more brain cells.  All this on top of the fact that I have to waddle the walk of shame back to my car, having just peed myself 3 hours earlier.  AWESOME.

The take aways form this dry... er... wet run!
1.  We are now pre-registered at the hospital!
2.  I know what laundry needs to be done to pack an adequate bag for me.
3.  The kids and I need to clean their room.
4.  I need to clean my room and make a place for Lucy.
5.  I need to make some freezable meals to serve the troupe when Lucy and I are home.
6.  I really need Depends.

Love you!  Can't wait for Lucy to come....

Waiting, as Mommy and Daddy get checked in at the hospital. 
William just poked himself in the eye and doesn't want anyone to see.

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