Thursday, October 6, 2011


Favorite quote of the week from a boy to his father,
"Don't zip up Mr. Happy, because if you do that he will be Mr. Angry!"

Future Tapper.  Wearing Bailey's tap shoes and no diaper.
The ending is the best part! "I did it!"

Sat like this for 45 minutes while we all (Grandma Lisa, Me and kids) enjoyed our Starbucks.  No is really quite sure why she was so mad. 

At the Woody Show at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas

I think I would actually consider trading in my Excursion in for this!  It has a 3rd row afterall!!
Yeah... Random Family Fun!


And scene!

Check out the double rainbow we had a few weeks ago!
 Both rainbows were complete!  So amazing!  The pictures don't quite do them justice.
Sibling love!

And for the love of everything sacred and holy, can someone please tell me how to center the title picture?!  Driving me nuts!

Love ya!

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