Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our most recent trip to the Wild Animal Park!

This was our most recent trip to the Wild Animal Park (WAP). It was during the month of April when the butterflies come to visit the "Hidden Jungle"! We try to get to the WAP at least twice a month! Some months are better than others! On this trip we saw the baby elephant that was born on Bailey's birthday of this year! So he is 5 days older then Maggie! Our next trip to see animals, will probably be to the Zoo in San Diego. We want to see the new elephant enclosure, "Elephant Odyssey". Let me know if you want to join us!

My handsome boy! We are waitin' for Grandma Lisa! She is always worth the wait!

Maggie's obligatory sleeping, car seat picture!

Bailey looking super cool in her Disney Princess shades!

He is either reaching for a butterfly or the red macaw that was very noisy!! I cannot remember!

Look close maybe you will see a butterfly?!

Our favorite place to eat lunch is at the playground! Will doesn't need quarters (thankfully) to have the best time on these cars!

It doesn't matter who is driving! That would be one CRAZY trip!

Big kitty!

Just hangin' out!

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