Saturday, April 14, 2012

School UPDATE...

For those of you who follow our schooling adventures, here is a bit of catch-up on that front....

We began the 2011-12 school year using the Rod & Staff curriculum.  Bailey seemed to really like doing her math workbook during kindergarten, so I made the assumption that she likes workbooks.  That made sense to me since workbooks fit me personality!  I like to see my progress, check things off a list, I am not a big craft person, etc.  When the box came it was HUGE and filled to the brim with textbooks and workbooks.  Whoa!!  I was excited! 

Things started OK, then we took lots of time off in November, December and January.  It was hard to start back to the grind in February.  Things had been getting shaky in October, but I thought it was just me what with all the hormones and anxiety.  But love was NOT in the air in February... Bailey cried and was refusing to do schoolwork.  Something she once loved, she now loathed.  What was wrong!!  Turns out, black and white workbooks make life dull and boring.  Too much rigor doesn't leave time for crafts and coloring.   So we exercised our right to change in the middle!  We went back to a proven curriculum in our family... My Father's World!  We have since boxed up all the R&S textbooks and unused workbooks and sent them back to Rod & Staff headquarters.  Please understand that Rod & Staff is truly a great program!  I am in no way saying otherwise.  IT JUST DID NOT WORK FOR BAILEY.  That's it, pure and simple.  I actually think, as a child, I would have loved it!!!!

So now we are back to My Father's World (she used it for kindergarten and Will will start it this Fall!).  We are doing science experiments, crafts, coloring, reading and lots of hands-on learning!  Best part is, Maggie and William tag along!  They love the stories and crafts too!  No one has cried a single day, no one has yelled about doing schoolwork, the eagerness has returned!  Phew!!

Making a clay pot for the scroll she made the day before.  Will decided he needed a dinosaur and Maggie... she wanted panckaes!

Nate and I believe in these early years it is so important to cultivate a TRUE LOVE of learning that will last for their entire life.  Our school is NOT only about reading, writing and arithmetic.  Find what you love, and figure out how to do it forever, so that it is enjoyable.  Isn't that what every adult is looking for in their employment?!  Why not start cultivating that mentality now?  I could go on and on about our school philosophy, but I will spare you that... for now!  Maybe one of these days I will get around to post that!!

Hope you are having a great day!
Love you!
Smile at someone today,
you never know who needs a little pick me up!

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