Friday, November 4, 2011

Lucy Update {11/4/11}

Today was our final doctors appointment for Miss Lucy Marie.  Today she weighed in at a whopping 8 1/2 lbs!!  I am aware that using the ultrasound machine as a way to determine size is not the most accurate, however, even if she was a full pound smaller than the doctor thinks, she would still be the biggest baby our troupe has seen!!  A couple other things of note... 1) My doctor actually thinks she is bigger then 8 1/2 because her head was sooo low, he couldn't get an accurate measurement there 2) I still have a week to go!!  More time to put on more lbs! 3) I just discovered NEW stretchmarks. Until now Bailey was the only one to give me stretchmarks. 

I have been fairly remiss in taking my iron the last few weeks and the numbers show it!  I believe normal range is 11-16, and mine this week was 9.  The doctor told the kids to "Make Mommy take her iron 3 times a day!"  Bailey has already made a chart to keep track of my intake!!  So feel free to call, text or email me to nag about my iron!  I can handle it!!

Baby Moosie's last in-utero picture!
Check out those chubby cheeks!!!  So Kissable!

So here is the pertinent information for next Friday!

The date is 11/11/11, which is also Veteran's Day.  Perhaps you have the day off of work and have nothing to do?!  Come visit us at the hospital!  Nate, Lucy and I will be there at 5:30 AM to check in, and she will be born right around 7:30 AM.  I will go straight into the recovery room for a couple of hours.  That gives you plenty of time to watch Nate give her a bath and for you to hold her and kiss her as much as possible, before I get my hands on her!!  And don't forget Bailey, Will and Maggie will also be there, and I imagine, desperately wanting to show off their new toy to EVERYONE!!  We will probably be in the hospital all weekend, so feel free to pop in whenever!  Visitors always make the time fly!  If you do come, maybe bring Coffee (cream, no sugar) or Pepsi for Nate?!  He doesn't sleep too great on the "bed" available to him in the hospital room.  We use the term "bed" very loosely!!

Hope this finds you all doing great!  I know we are!  Just anxious to be a family of 6!!  Now I gotta get back to cleaning the house and packing my bag.... Love you all!

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