Monday, December 12, 2011

December Thus Far!

What would a Turner Troupe Fall/Winter post be without a bit-o-basketball?!?  Just wrong, that's what it would be... Just. Plain. Wrong!

 This is at our first game of the season!  Our really great family friend Kimmy Iverson plays for Master's College and last week they played at San Diego Christian College, so we HAD to go!!!  Bailey has dubbed her, BFF, and whenever she is in town for church, Bailey always finds an excuse to sit with her, instead of our family!  She is the kind of kid that inspires and blesses everyone she comes in contact with, young and old, stranger and friend.  When I grow up I want to be Kimmy, but I would definitely settle for 3 daughters just like her (or like her sisters and brother for that matter!)!  Look for more basketball posts and pictures, as CLA's season is just beginning and yes, Nate is coaching again!!

 Lucy at her first basketball game... sleeping!

 Since Mr. Christmas (Will) can't get enough Christmas, he volunteered to decorate Oma's house, inside and out!  She happily took him up on his offer!  Bailey helped, Lucy watched and Maggie napped.  I am sure there will be more posts this season about Mr. Christmas....

Beckett Family Christmas Party!  We had an amazing time getting a chance to reconnect with my cousins and our kids getting to meet and play with their kids!  Again... Lucy (pink blob, center) pretty much slept through it!  Our family is really looking forward to making more memories like this one in the future! Family is good. 

On the horizon...  Aunt Julie is coming in for my mom's birthday this weekend!  Can't wait to hang out with her!  Then Uncle Jeff will arrive for Christmas, Will is hoping to rock climb or hike with him!!  Then it's 3 days of Christmas!  Eve at Mom/Patty/Grandma's house, Day at Oma's, and after at our house with extended family.  Hoping to have a snow day or ice skating time in this season!  But in the meantime, we are having a great time searching for spectacular Christmas Light Displays!!!

Today, be happier than a bird with a french fry! 
(Just saw it on FB, and it made me laugh!)

Be a dispenser of GRACE, just like a Pez dispenser if of good ol' sweet tasting candy!!
(Courtesy of Mike Lopez, Trinity Fellowship Church)

Love you all!  SMILE!

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