Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fantastic February!

We had a wonderful February!  We enjoyed every inch of our county, from the mountains to the desert to the parks!

One particular weekend Nate and I were feeling stuck.  Stuck in life, stuck in the house, just blah.  So at our date night that week, we decided to be spontaneous!  A bonfire in the desert the next evening sounded perfect!  Maggie had her dance class in the morning, we puttered around the house, then we kicked it into high gear!  We got stuff for S'mores (we like to call them Hot Shmoes, courtesy of the movie Toy Story!), bundled up, bought firewood, packed up the dog and drove East!  It was liberating!

We kind of thought of it as a dry run!  We hadn't been camping since Maggie was 3 months old, so we weren't totally sure how the kids would do!  Baby steps...  And good thing too!  Because we learned a ton about our kids in those few short hours!  We drove a total of 4 hours to spend 1 hour and 45 mins in the desert!  The kids got cold and the best part you ask?!...  well, learned Maggie WILL NOT squat outside to go potty.  She held it the ENTIRE evening until we got home!!!  Crazy girl!  So if we are to ever camp (which we did in March!!)  we need more clothes and blankets AND the potty chair for Princess Maggie!  Go figure!

In February we also started our garden at Oma and Grandma Lisa's house.  We planted Sweet Potatoes, tomatoes, peas, acorn squash, asparagus, regular potatoes and lots of flowers!

We went to go see the movie, "The Lorax"!!  I won 4 tickets to the special premiere screening, so we saw it one week before it opened AND in 3-D!!!  And for an even BIGGER bonus, they actually sent me 6 tickets!  So grandma Lisa got to go too!!!

Bailey started dance class again!  And this time she is joined by Maggie!  Bailey is taking a whole class of ballet and is doing really great!  Aunt Hannah said to take as much ballet as she can in the beginning since it is the foundation!!  Bailey is listening!  Her teacher Miss Kristen), come to find out, was also homeschooled as a child!  We feel really blessed to have her in such a great environment!  Maggie's teacher is the same one Bailey had last year (ya know, the lady with more patience than I can even imagine!).  It's a ballet/tap combo.  So stinkin' cute!  Maggie is doing good as long as the pink hula hoop doesn't make an appearance!  The story goes like this... They each get a hula hoop, place it on the ground and when the music is playing they are to dance around the studio.  When the music stops they find a hula hoop and get in it.  Each time they are to find a different hula hoop... that is unless your name is Maggie and there is only 1 PINK hula hoop!  She hovered/danced around it and even pushed the biggest girl in the class out of it numerous times.  Then there is the stuffed butterfly incident... that is a whole other story!  But she really is doing great and loves to practice!  Her class is 10am on Saturdays and she is normally up and dressed for class by 7:30!!  Their Dance Recital is June 16th!  Hope to see you there!

Bailey is the teacher and the other kids are her students!  Sometimes I get to be the Dance Studio Owner, but mostly I am the mom who brings them all "icy cold water" when they are done!  Even the teacher gets thirsty!  The green tutu and sleeved leotard is the most "man-ly" dance outfit they could put together for William.  I tried to explain that boys normally just wear shirts and shorts to class, but he wanted to look like the other "students"!  Glad we have enough tap shoes for everyone!

We have been enjoying making Whoopie Pies...

..doing car washes for our toy cars...
..and of course enjoying Lucy! 
Although, doesn't look like she is enjoying us back! Haha!

Now onto March!  Camping, birthdays and more!

Love you!

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