Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Turner Summer To-Do List

So far we have compiled a list of 28 things we really want to do this summer.  Some things will come easy to us, others will be a challenge and then there are the items that will stretch our comfort a bunch.  This is an ever expanding list and we welcome your input and suggestions!!  Let us know if you want to join in any of our adventures!  The more the merrier!

1. Walk to the pool. Easy peasy pumpkin cheesy!  Done that already a bunch!
2. Go to a park. Open to interpretation!  Local or National park...!
3. Walk to 7-11. Don't forget the slurpees!!
4. Kinap Elena and Alex!  Don't worry!  It's not a felony when they are related to you!
5. Go to the BEACH... NOT ON A FRIDAY!!
6. Make ice cream and maybe homemade waffle cones!
7. Morning Swim Lessons.  The deal is, Nate will take the non-swimmers to the pool in the morning for some 1 on 1 instruction!
8. Dawn Patrol!!
9. All Day Craft Day!
10. Drive to Mt. Soledad
11. Rainbow Food Week
12. Visit March Air Force Base
13. GO Fishing
14. Go to a baseball game.
15. Host a lemonade stand for our neighbors!  Might include homemade treats for the doggies!
16. Play board games all day!
17. Get Jamba Juice
18. Watch a sunset, location to be discussed!
19. Go camping!
20. Go to Idaho and pick huckleberries
21. Swim in a lake
22. Horseback riding
23. Stargazing (perhaps in August when the meteor shower arrives?)
24. Visit an old folks home.  And no!  Oma's doesn't count!
25. Pick strawberries
26. Build a cardboard fort
27. Go on a moonlit hike!  Going July 3rd to Mt. Woodson to hike by the full moon light!
28. Go Bowling

So what are you doing this summer?!

Love you!

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  1. Have you been up to Double Peaks park in San Marcos (off Twin Oaks, past UCSM)? Spectacular views of the whole north county.