Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 Dance Recital

***Started back in July!***

"Behind every dancer is an EXHAUSTED parent." -Unknown

Another recital is in the books....

4 dances,
3 pairs of dancing shoes,
2 tutus,
1 beautiful, long, glorious day!

But I must start at the beginning!  Friday was dress rehearsal AND beach day.  Recipe for disaster... almost.  Sand in tights and tutus... some.  Late checking in at rehearsal... A bit.   Stressed out mom, for virtually no reason... YES!  Calm, happy, tiny dancers... ALWAYS!

Then came Saturday morning!  Poor Maggie... two curling iron burns (self inflicted) and a smashed hand in the car door. ALL BEFORE WE EVEN GOT TO THE RECITAL VENUE!  To make matters worse, she kept saying, "I no go on stage anymore.  I just go to class!"  Oh yeah... and she fell asleep and had to be woken up once we parked!  Maggie was having a rough start to the day.  But as you can see from the photos below, she found her dancing groove!  And rose to the occasion! 

Bailey and Maggie, with Bailey's Beg Ballet Dance Class.  The girls held flowers like little flower girls and danced beautifully to Canon in D.  Bailey is in the front row, second from the left.

Gaggle of girls coloring.  Maggie is the all pink costume furthest left.  This picture makes my heart melt.  Little girls in all their finery, being little girls!  I just love it!

Little Dancing Clouds.  Maggie is the 2nd from the left.

Sharing snacks back stage! 
Not exactly sure what was more fun... dancing on stage or eating and sharing all the snacks the moms packed?!  After everyday dance they all ran to their bags to get more food!

Maggie only danced at the noon show, but since Bailey is in a big girl class she also danced at the 6pm show.  I volunteered backstage for the first performance, but we had to just check Bailey in and wait outside during the second show.  My mom heart broke.  Then it sank... Before we even got out of the parking lot the fire alarm sounded and my phone started ringing... it was the other mom helping backstage... an evacuation of the entire theater was commencing.  And I wasn't there...

But no worries.  Apparently Bailey is stronger and braver than I give her credit!  She (and the rest of the dancers) handled it like a star and the show went on!  By the way... it was just a false alarm.

Next RECITAL you ask?!  December 15th, 2021.  A Christmas Show.  Look for more info soon!

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