Saturday, November 17, 2012

Constantly Playing Catch-up

Our trip to Arrowhead.  We had a blast just being silly Turners!!  While our computer was down, Mommy Brain set in and I can't remember a ton from that trip....  We rowed a boat on a lake, ate yummy pizza, watched the sunset and can really understand the lyrics, "Purple mountain majesty!"

Tried making glow in the dark bubbles... didn't work so great.
Will and Lu.  They have such a great bond already!

 The week we got home from Arrowhead, Elena, our cousin had her first dance recital!  She did so great!!  Notice Maggie's butterfly stitches???  Yup!  Souvenir from Arrowhead.  She cracked her skull on the coffee table while Nate was packing the car for us to go home.  Rad.  Just Rad.  And isn't my sister-in-law beautiful?  Love her so very much!

 Thanks to Uncle Jeff, we have a membership to the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum!


 Will to the rescue!  
Not sure at all who the little boy is behind him, holding his arms... Random and bit bit scary!

 Happy Lucy at the Museum!

 Our tomato garden this summer at Oma's.  We harvested enough tomatoes to make homemade tomato jelly!  Play your cards right and we will make some for Christmas!

The "Sweet 100's"  were Will's favorite.   



Getting our ribs on at Phil's BBQ.  We had a rib-a-licious time!

This is how we play in the rain!  Swimmie-suits, followed by striping to nudie pudies on the patio, all topped by a warm bath!

 Speaking of nudie pudies....  This is probably a good place to END for the night!  Haha!

Love you all!  Glad to be back writing and sharing!  Smile today!  We live in a great nation and have so much to be thankful for!

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