Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Trip to Idaho

So like any dedicated homeschooling family, as soon as the end of August approached and kids across the nation were going back to school, we hit the open road! 

Watch out Idaho... The TURNER's are on the move!

After driving ALL night, we (yes, I slept while my husband kept his eyes peeled with Pepsi and McDonald's Coffee) woke-up in Provo, Utah for breakfast.  

We played in the park for a bit to air out our britches, for we still had a long way to go!!

The view from the rear view mirror.  We were gettin' a little "punchie" by now.  Oh! and by the way... Maggie still refuses to go potty on the side of the road!  Oh the joys of looking for rest stops in the middle of nowhere!

At last!  We made it!!  Boise, Idaho!  This was the absolute, hands down, no brainer, sure as I am sitting here, COOLEST parks we have EVER seen!!  HUGE grassy fields, climbing wall, intricate play structure and the water works play area seen here...

...and here!  Uncle Jeff and Lucy.  Why is she naked you ask?  the short answer is, "She is a Turner!"  The longer and more honest answer is, her diaper got loaded down and then started to leak.  "It is wet all over that place, how did you know it was leaking?"   Well, you know that game that parents like to play "Poop or Chocolate?"  Yeah... I had already eaten all the chocolate....

But never fear!! Aunt Heidi was there to save the day and warm us up!  She is awesome!

Adam using the pulley to hoist Will to the rafters!

Uncle Jeff and Bailey doing the hoisting and Maggie being hoisted!

Bailey can do it herself!!!

The guys (Ryan, will and Uncle Jeff) doing guy stuff I am sure.

Bailey and Adam

Will and Maggie playing with the sheet of bubbles!

Blowing bubbles with daddy.

Daddy, Maggie and Ryan

The gang!

Lucy. Asleep.

Maggie will be an engineer when she grows up!  I am sure of it, she LOVES to build with blocks!  Uncle Jeff loves to play with blocks too!

Whooooo's that?!

So after a few AWESOME days with my two cousins (Ryan and Adam), my two fantastic uncles (Justin and Jeff) and my lovely Aunt Heidi, we said goodbye to Boise and began our trek north to Bonner's Ferry.
Our goal for this trip was to meander and enjoy our time as a family.  We stopped whenever we felt like it and put our tootsies in as many rivers, creeks and streams as we could find!  Took awhile to get to our destination, we found a bunch!

Will and Dad.

They did it!

Huckleberry Pickin' hands!!!

Gorilla's in the Mist... Oh wait!  It's Maggie!

I was hard to build up any good amount of the tiny little berries, with tiny little Turner's munching on them faster than we could pick them!!


Chopping wood!  A time honored tradition!  

I could only watch through the camera lens.  I was a bit freaked out!!  I think we escaped with only a minor wound, from missing the wood and hitting a shinbone.

Yes.  This really freaked me out.  one major mistake and I don't get grandkids from this guy!

After about a week in Bonner's we drove south again to Boise and stayed a couple more days!

BACKGROUND INFO:  When I (Molly) was in 5th grade I had to do a report on an endangered specie.  I chose the Peregrine Falcon.  Back the my Uncle Jeff was in Ft. Collins, Colo, but as a National Park Ranger, he was always my go to guy for projects such as these!  Trying to make this long story short...   He called The Peregrine Fund, located in Boise, Idaho,  to have all sorts of information mailed to me!!  I think I got an A+, by the way!  Anyways, fast forward many years... Jeff  now lives in Boise, the Peregrines have been successfully REMOVED from the endangered specie list (much, I am sure, because of my 5th grade report!), and we got to visit the sanctuary, now called The World Center for Birds of Prey!!

On the day we visited, it happened to be Turkey Vulture Day!!  The kids got to help paint a portrait of a Turkey Vulture, that will be hung in the museum!

This is Lucy, the resident Turkey Vulture!

Almost home, but we need food!!  McD's it is!

Last leg.... we can do it!

While on our trip we went in something like, 5 different rivers, including the Boise River, which runs through the middle of Boise.  We actually rafted down it!!  So fun!  The best was when I took the life vest off of Lucy for a bit while we stopped for lunch (I know silly!), then tried to put it back on with her writhing and screaming!  Uncle Jeff concluded that he would rather pay the "No Life Vest" fine than the "Disturbing the Peace" fine!  We all concurred and she rode the rest of the way sans vest, but very happy!

We did soooo much stuff!  Hiked a bit of the Oregon Trail (just behind Jeff's house), celebrated my Uncle Justin's 40th birthday, swam in the YMCA's indoor pool with a HUGE slide, went to a Nature Preserve, ate lots of yummy food, saw tons of deer, swam in Deep Creek and more!  We had so much fun!

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