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The Dude
~Definition from Wikipedia~
Commentary in orange by me
Dude is an old term, recognized by multiple generations although potentially with slightly different meanings.  From the 1870s to the 1960s, dude primarily meant a person who dressed in an extremely fashion-forward manner (pajamas and cowboy boots... at the same time.  But most comfortable in his birthday suit.) or a citified person who was visiting a rural location but stuck out (clearly the other way around, but he sticks out just the same, wishing he lived in a rural location!!). In the 1960s, dude evolved to mean companion, a meaning that slipped into mainstream American slang in the 1970s (companion... loves his sisters and his family.  He is also a wonderful friend.). Current slang retains at least some use of all three of these common meanings (Our DUDE)

This post is dedicated to my guy.  Not my OG (Original Guy, that would be Nate), but my Buddy, the Boy, Dude, source of some frustration, giver of great big bear hugs, gentle soul with the tough exterior, William David.

 Sandwiched between two lovely sisters, he is forced to play dress up.  They treat and dress him like the King and Prince he is.  During their homemade productions, he is mostly off "stage" as the announcer or stage director.

 And oh my! How funny and smart the Dude is!!  Just a week or so ago, we saw a friend at Target.  It has been awhile since we have seen her or her kids (now in college and high school... just crazy), but the chance meeting is ALWAYS warm and wonderful.  After taking a gander at my growth... er belly, she asked, "So, are you guys 'shutting down the factory' after this one?!"  Before Nate or I could answer, William bursts out, "Nope!  I don't think so. We want more!"  The 3 adults looked at each other rather stunned, that he not only understood the euphemism, but also had a definite opinion on the size of our family, AND in his humble (cough, cough... we are working on humility!) opinion our family should be bigger.  Apparently he doesn't understand the 50/50 chance of more girls!!  We all laughed and threw our hands in the air!

His desire and need to help the afflicted is overwhelming.  He is always the first one with a band-aid and washcloth to help a fallen sister, is my shadow while taping the "Football Boys" and the guy willing to give up time with friends at bible study to sit with his Oma while she recovers in bed from being ill.  After Lucy clocked herself in the head 3 nights ago with a pokie Christmas decoration, Will ran to the bathroom got tissue, ran it back to Dad and Lucy, then ran back to get a band-aid. Later that evening Nate asked, "So Will, you are very compassionate to people that are hurt and sick.  Do you think you will want to be an EMT or Paramedic when you grow up?!"  To which he replied, "Nah... I think I will be a doctor."  This mama will do her best to hold him to that!!

With another boy on the way, due to be here in just a short few weeks, my momma heart is a little worried.  Can I be what TWO boys need?  I was content being his everything, until he filled my spot with a beautiful young women someday.  But can I be enough for two boys?  Will William feel pushed aside?  He is such a tough guy, but underneath that rugged exterior he will always be my little boy.  So fragile and vulnerable, easily embarrassed and disappointed, yet confident, strong, determined.  My Grandma, his Oma, reminds me always...

"Never take out of the BOY, 
what you can't put back into the MAN."

Love you Dude.

**Photos courtesy of 
Max Holtzhouser, Woodhouse Photography.**

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