Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Field Trip to the Museum of Making Music

Back in November we go together with a few of our friends and went to the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad.  Let me tell you... if you haven't been stop reading this right now and GO!  Just Go!  Yes, it is that good!!!!!  My uncle Larry is the CFO of NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) and thus was able to treat us to a first class field trip!  He was even able to procure one of the best volunteer music docents they have!  She was so kind, knowledgeable and patient with our crew 14 kiddos ages 1 yearish to about 13!  It is so hands on and just filled with music both current and old, familiar and new!  At the end of the tour they have a room just for trying out instruments!  Everything from guitars, to harps, to drums!!!  The kids played and experienced ALL of it!!!!!

While we were enjoying our hands on time, the marketing department got wind of rag tag crew!  That day they were slated to begin creating a PSA for Museum and Music in general.  The crew from marketing came down to the exhibit, saw ALL the kids and began filming the kids and taking their pictures!!  Such an awesome moment for everyone involved!  My uncle has kept me in the loop...

 This picture was used as the museum's Christmas card!!!!

 Lucy and the Bongos!

 Love this one of the Guys!

Mags again.

Apparently there is a bus in Chicago with my darling daughter's face on it!!  And the boy to the left of her... our friend Jacob!

She is also on a billboard in an airport somewhere!!!!

I was also sent a rough draft of the TV spot.  Once I figure out to upload that I will share it too!!

This wonderful morning at the Museum of Making Music truly inspired our family!!  For Christmas we got a keyboard and Bailey and maybe Will will start piano lessons in the coming month!  So far everyone is just having a blast making their own music, singing and dancing together!  It's a regular variety show here every night!

I am overjoyed at my kids foray into music!  This fall Bailey began soccer, following in Nate's and my cleats, but we always felt that we wanted our kids to experience more than just sports as extracurricular activities.  One of those things being music.  I CANNOT read music and have never EVER played an instrument.  The same goes for Nate.  Thank you Uncle Larry for opening up the world of music to the Troupe.  So far it has been awesome, however, once Bailey begins violin lessons, I will send her to your house for practice!!! Ha!

Love you all!

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