Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To clean or NOT to clean... Truly this is the question.

SO do I clean or play with kids?  Because I really don't think to do both in one day is possible.  At least not both at a level I am happy with.  Nate is really great (and I am not just saying that because it rhymes)!  He is always saying he would rather have happy kids than a clean home.  But are we truly happy living in knee deep toys?  This is a constant tug.  I do know they play better and easier with a clean house.  Heck, I cook better in a clean kitchen!! So it would only stand to reason, that when they can find their toys and ample enough floor space, they are SUPER content (and happy)to play.  So I guess I have actually answered my own question.... clean then play.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to make cleaning more like playing?! I have never been good at cleaning.  I was the kid that missed recesses in school because my desk was so messy I had to stay in to clean it out!  My Grandma used to say I belonged in the Kickapath Indian Tribe (get it?!  I had to kick a path in my room just to get to my bed at night?!).  So see... I have been a messy person all my life.  Help!!!  And maybe your help could just be telling me how much you pay for house cleaning service for your home?!  Or... maybe you are willing to come clean my house for me?!  I'll pay you!

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  1. cleaning with all the kids home playing is a near endless battle. I try and do a sweep round every night or evening while they're calming down. I also trying to have everything have it's own tub and organize them by like items. I try and enforce that they can't go into another tub with out and least throwing all the previously played with stuff back in the other tub...or in a pile next to it :) If you figure out a method to the madness, let me know! haha