Monday, January 16, 2012

A Gold Mine!!!

As parents we fight many battles, yet some we choose not to fight.  We fight the "You Are NOT Going Outside WITHOUT Clothes On Battle" but choose to not let WHAT it is that they actually wear outside bother us!  You catch my drift, right?!  Ok! So, not wanting to die on the Hill O' Booger, we had not really put much emphasis on nose picking and do I dare say.... booger consumption.  We felt we had bigger fish to fry OR undies to dry! LOL!  Well, the time has come to start curbing his "appetite". 


First of all, he (Yes, I am writing about Will... really you couldn't have figured that out earlier?!) is such an active picker, he even picks while sleeping and thus wakes up with bloody noses, sheets, fingers, face, jammies, etc  You get the picture.  Well, now his nose is RAW!  He has mined it totally clear and then some!  So today, in the car, we were having a little discussion about his extra curricular activity, and I asked him if he knew what his boogers were.  Clearly I didn't think this through.... I mean, basically I am using the same reasoning and line of thinking my mom used on me. (Oh great!  I just admitted one of my gross childhood habits. Go ahead. Judge me.  I just judged myself.) But seriously!  Why on earth did I think that would work on Will?!!!  GO ahead, judge me again.  Anyways, this is our conversation:

Me "Dude. Stop. Picking. Your. NOSE!  Seriously, it's gonna bleed again!"
W "Mom. I have to."
Me "Ummm, ok. Why??"
W "Cuz the boogers are my brains."
Me "No Bud.  They aren't your brains they are your body's waste."
W "Mom. (getting very serious) They are my brains.  They are coming out of my nose and I have to put them back in."
Me "Will, no. They aren't!!"
W "MOM! Yes they are!  It's just the way God made me!"
Me "Buddy!!  Yes, God made you special, but BOOGERS ARE NOT BRAINS!!  They are your body's WASTE!!  Just like your poop!!"
W "Well, I like to eat that too!" (giggle, giggle)
Me "..." What could I say?!  I had no comeback.

So that leaves me praying that he was only joking.  I am almost positive he was joking. Almost.

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