Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Fun!

Greeting from The Troupe o' Turner's!!
We have been pretty busy this month celebrating my 32nd birthday, starting school back-up, watching Lucy GROW and enjoying our 80 degree January weather!!!!

{A side note about my birthday}
Nate and I met when I was 16 years old, so really what we celebrated was the joy I have had in knowing this AMAZING man 1/2 my life!  In all the chaos of raising children and making our life "go", my grandma asked me if this is what I envisioned when we started dating... HECK NO!  He was cute, older, had a car (1990 RED Jeep Cherokee), and made me laugh!  At 16 what else is there?  In turn, he thought I was cute, could talk sports a bit, and had a mom that cooked lots every night, so we ALWAYS had leftovers for him to eat!  Thanks Mom!  But this IS my life.  No matter how it came to be...

The hill right outside of our patio. 
An early morning exploration before school gets underway for the day.

She made scrambled eggs and toast for her and the other kids. 
Bailey is getting so great in the kitchen.  We are putting together her own little cookbook!

Our birdfeeder. 
We have yet to see actual birds partake of the bounty, however, the Turner birdies are loving the snack. 
Go figure!

ROLL CALL!!!! Yep!  They are all here!

On Oma's lap. 
Oma says she has a knack for boring Lucy to sleep!

Paci POWER!!!

Would you believe about 5 minutes before this he told me he wasn't tired?!

In the very near future I will write about our impromptu trip to the desert. 
Oh my... good thing we like our kids!

Have a wonderful day!!

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