Friday, September 9, 2011

1st week of School, a Blackout and a Renewed State of Mind

What an eventful week we have had! Started on Monday, when we took advantage of Daddy working from home! He helped us get 1st grade off to a smashing start. That's good, mainly because I made Bailey cry in the first hour of school and could hardly continue! But we all got over it and I revamped the week and put some school books away for the time being! I love that freedom! I also love watching my kid's light bulbs go on! Their eyes light-up when they grasp a idea that I have been harping on for the last two days, I mean gently instructing on in various subjects!! It's all about perspective!

For those who are curious about our curriculum, you can read the next paragraph. For those that are not, skip down to the bottom and you will find a picture of our first week and a video!

Bailey is doing Rod and Staff. So far we are all enjoying it. LOTS of information to be covered this year, so it may be a bit ambitious for a family that will be expanding this year, but we will just take it slow and do what we can! William has started "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". We did it with Bailey and she had a ton of success. While Will is only 4, we will just keep it simple and go as fast as he wants, but so far so good! He seems to really enjoy having his own school book and working through it! The crazy thing is, Maggie is also learning just by being on the periphery! Yesterday William was explaining to Oma all the words he could think of that started with the "M" sound and Maggie chimed in and said "Me, Maggie, mmmmm!" CRAZY! And I really have to give Oma the credit! I really didn't think Will was ready to start anything formal. And I REALLY didn't want to push him. But she encouraged me to not sell him short and just try it for a couple of weeks! Brilliant Lady! Now Maggie will also be ahead of the game!

The pupils of that crazy school in Escondido, Turner Troupe Elementary!

I decided to end our week with "The Blackout of 2011". Remember, how I kinda think I am responsible for all the weird weather patterns in our Nation lately (flooding, major storms, heatwaves, etc)?! Well... "Mommy Brain" has been hitting hard the last couple of weeks... and soooo... maybe we should all stop blaming the poor guy in Gila, Arizona who unplugged the Southwest or even the terrorists that came into our city last month and now the FBI can't seem to locate them.... Maybe... just maybe, the fogginess of "Mommy Brain" moved beyond a fog and into a full fledged blackout. I am just sayin'... coulda happened!

Next week for school, we will put together an Emergency Kit. I hate being unprepared!

SO I leave you with my new FAVORITE song... I smile, by Kirk Franklin. It is also my new ring tone on my phone! SO please, do as my husband does, and call me all the time! I love hearing the tune coming out of my purse! I just can't help, but smile!!! It is my new mantra... SMILE!! I hope this song makes you smile too!!

Love you!!

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  1. I love your creativity, Molly.
    I don't know how you do it all. I'm so glad Nate has you, and that you are the mom of these precious grandbabies :) G patty