Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blasts from the past!!!

Yippee!  I got a new phone last week!  And it's all mine!  Not a hand-me-down from Nate!!  But getting a new phone meant I needed to purge my old phone of some pictures!  Glad I did, because I forgot how many cute ones I had on it!!  These are in no order.  As with most things in my life, they are totally random!!

 No explanation....

 He set up his own shot!!  This is really not from the past, it was last week!


 Maggie's first feeding.  I think Bailey is feeding her.  After this, Will insisted on trying a bite and promptly threw it up all over the floor.

 Got Goldfish?!

 Bailey's foot taped.  Not too bad, seeing how I am used to size 13 stinky smelly football guys!

 My guy!

 Watchout Jimmy Johnson!

 Flying outside of the Aerospace Museum.

 Daddy's Birthday Breakfast last year and our lesson on cutting!!

 Fresh picked apples from Julian.

 The Girls


Will with a tattoo and hat.

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