Monday, August 15, 2011

You might be a Redneck if...

Well, I don't think I am a redneck, so my joke would start off like this:

You might get carted off to the loony bin if...

And the punchline today would read:

...anyone catches you sitting knee to knee with your son, in the bathroom, CRYING your eyes out pleading with him to "Please, POOP in the potty!"

Guess the hormones are catching up with me this week!  For me, the silly hormones are the worst part of pregnancy.  I cry at the drop of a hat.  I practically mildew on humid days!  WAIT! Who am I kidding!  Lately, the hormones have been so mean I don't need a humid day to mildew... I can do that all by myself!  I am my own weather pattern complete with off and on showers through out the day, fog (aka mommy brain), cloudy with a chance of rain (mommy brain with a touch of sadness), possible thunderstorms (watch out world she is on a rampage!!), torrential down pours (self explanatory) and misty mornings (aka June gloom or marine layer!).  I always like the joke about menopausal women... something about Al Gore blaming them for global warming!!  I feel like I am to blame for all the flooding in the Midwest!  Watch out loony bin here I come!!

Our family is desperately trying to hold onto the last little bit of summer.  Media tells us it is back to school time which means the lazy carefree days at the beach and parks are almost over.  But we are trying to hold out a bit longer!  Still going to the beach (perk: not as crowded!), going to the pool, eating lots of popsicles outside, etc!  Here are some pictures...

 Thanks to a wise friend I have been empowered to make something other than PB & J for our beach lunches!  Bean and Cheese Burritos!!  Man, I was getting tired of peanut butter and jelly! 
Notice the lack of crowds behind them?!  PERK!!  And Maggie is not yelling, she is doing "see-food!".

 And did I mention Bailey's big news??
She cut 10 inches of her hair and donated it to Locks of Love.  We are really proud of her!

 Oh yeah!!  And she has lost a million teeth!!!  Two on the bottom (the adult ones have already grown in) And FOUR across the top!!  Bad timing... she can't eat corn on the cob!!

 Yes.  Yes, she is a stinker.  When given two seconds alone she heads for the bathroom, climbs up the sink and either puts on my make-up, brushes her teeth or washes her hands.  This goes on ALL DAY!!!  I guess I could be thankful, except for the mess she leaves behind and the potential injury risk.  Other than that her instincts are spot on!

 Thanks Aunt Hannah, Uncle Nick and cousins Elena and Alex!  Will loves his Rocket Blaster!  And so do daddy and the girls!  I just realized Will is no where to be seen in this picture of HIS gift... I think he must be chasing the rocket daddy just launched!  Bailey is in her leotard because she just got done with her Tap Dance class.  With fun like this, dinner was put on hold for awhile!!

Remember a few months back, the rain boots picture?  When I saw ALL of them in their flips it just seemed like a great addition!!  With all the beach trips and pool outings you would think their little leggies would look tanner?!

Love you all!!  Have a great week!

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