Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We can name him Peter... Peter... PETER PAN!!!

When we told the kids we were adding another kiddo to our family those were the words out of Will's mouth!  Totally cracked us all up!  The name never made the short list though!  Needless to say they were all super excited but ONLY for the possibility of a boy.  Even the girls wanted a boy.  They were tired of being Will's wrestling dummies!!  But alas... Lucy Marie will be here in mid to late November.  Again William had the quote of the situation, but I am not sure I should share it with you all.  You might think he needs counselling, or maybe you already think he needs counselling so this would just put the nail in the coffin!!  But I am all about being real and telling like it is so here it goes (guess you could say I really don't have a filter!  Oh wait!  Many of you already have said that!! lol!)!  "No!  I don't want a girl!  I will put her in the ice plant, let the bees sting her and the gophers eat her!"  Really he is quite normal and loving!  Thankfully Baby Moosie (as dubbed by Maggie) now gets hugs, kisses and zerberts (or raspberries, depending on how you were raised!) DAILY from her big brother.  Mommy doesn't mind the attention from her little guy either!

I will reward you now for all of the time you spend reading!  Here are some random pictures from the month of April!
So... this picture need a little explaining!  If memory serves me correct William is showing me his pet snail.  Every walk we go on he comes back with a pet snail, rollie pollie or WORM!!  My life as the mother of a boy has started.  "But Molly, why are they plugging their noses?" you ask!  Notice Maggie's purse (wristlet!).  She insisted on holding Jack's poop bag.  Apparently is was rather odoriferous! And look!  This is the 1st picture on the blog where she actually is getting hair!

Bailey is the 2nd Dancer from the right.  The danced at The Relay For Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  It was a super cute tap dance. 

This is the beautiful outfit Aunt Hannah got for Bailey on her birthday! She feels like a real dancer in it! So far Bailey is really enjoying dance (she was in a combo ballet/tap class in this picture). But more on that in a future post!

Other big things in this month... We moved back into town.  My mom's house felt like the boonies.  11 miles to Costco? Are you crazy?! Lol! And of course a wonderful, quiet Easter.  He Is Risen.

Getting there!  Only a couple more months! And then we are all caught up!


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