Monday, August 1, 2011

No, Maggie don't push the...!! CRUD! No it won't turn on anymore......

Yeah, so back in early 2011 (January sometime, I think) our little, precious, button pusher, pushed the power button on our computer one last time... but thankfully we have talented friends (Chris Williamson, proud papa of baby #3 born July 15th, Andrew Cole).  Our computer, through the work of his hands, came whirring back to life late last week!  And, so now I will work very hard this week to catch you up on all the highlights, and maybe some lowlights, if only I can find a comical to present them to you!  No one wants to read about Debbie Downer!

Looking back on the month, we were on the go!  Between CLA boy's basketball, field trips and parties we hardly had time to breathe!  But what fun we had...

 We went with Oma and Grandma Lisa to Bate's Nut Farm to feed the goats for G-g-goat week.  The temperature caught (read: WIND!!) us off guard.  It was freezing!  We had a rather rushed picnic!  And the green growth coming out of Will's jacket is The Grinch, or as he calls him, "Grinchy".

Below are pictures from our Dairy Party with the Benson girls!!  We learned all about cows and the great things they do for us!
Wahoo for Kefir!!!

Making Butter!!! Sorry, about the awkward view!

Apparently not everyone enjoys kefir?!
 We also had lots of crackers and cheese and finished the day with ice cream!!  I think they were all backed up for a week!! Yeah for PediaLax!

Then next week they learned about Horses!  We are so blessed to have a family right in our church and school that has horses!  Anna (holding Bailey in teh picture below) competes at the national level in Dressage.  Currently she is 1st in her age group in the nation.  You WILL be seeing her in the Olympics very soon!  Yes... she is that good!  We got to help her prep "Holy Man" for practice, watch them train and then give him a bath, brush and feed him!  It was such an awesome day!

Anna, Bailey and Holy Man
 We also went to the Zoo to see the new Elephant Odyssey, watched lots of basketball (boys lost in the 1st round of playoffs and girls lost in the CIF Championship game) AND Bailey started taking a combo tap and ballet class!!  But more on that later! 

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