Thursday, August 4, 2011

"So... Where is your family going on summer vacation?!"

Well... it's complicated.  You see, we homeschool, so we can go on vacation anytime we want, finances permitting of course (they haven't really been permitting, but ya know!).  And then there is the fact that we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet come summertime!  So my short answer is... "We have set aside every Friday from June 17th until it gets too cold as beach day!!"  We have only missed 1 Friday, and it was for good reason!  My uncle Jeff, cousin Missy from Vermont and my cousin Eric from Northern California, were here for the weekend!!  We lazed around Oma's pool or Uncle Larry's pool ALL WEEKEND!!  No need for the beach that Friday!  Family and resort like settings, made it feel like we were on vacation!  Missy even made shrimp curry one night for dinner!  So decadent, I felt like I was at a 4 star restaurant!  So much for her vacation!  We put her to work!  BTW lady!  I still need that recipe!

But I digress!  But then again, when don't I digress?!  Ok, ok, really, back on topic!  My favorite place the beach!  Every week we have had different friends and family join us!  Everyone knows the routine, we will be at Moonlight Beach around 10am, just north of the main lifeguard tower, close to the water, but not too close unless you want the ocean to rearrange all of your belongings and them take them out to sea, but close enough to see the kids!  God puts the people on our beach blanket that need to be there!  It has been so amazing and inspiring to really connect with whomever shows up!  The beach holds such a power yet gentleness, a frenzy to get there but sings to my soul once we are there, a time of exploring and just being kids without a helicopter mom around for my crew.  No fights, no crying (except when Maggie runs out of food), no bickering... just sweet sibling time by the shore, sharing, discovering and loving each other!  Can't wait for Lucy to join the fun next summer!

I love the beach.

Maggie and her peanut butter and jelly "sand"wich! 

 My favorite vacation spot!

My only gripe. The people who have tall chairs and set up directly between me and my kids.  Especially when the beach was NOT crowded... just look behind you, follow my gaze and shift a bit!

So who will show up this Friday?!  Will be on our weekly vacation, but feel free to join us! 
Moonlight Beach. 10am. (with a heavy emphasis in the ish!)

Love you, like I love the beach!

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