Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who me?! Impatient?!!

Totally over this month by month recap of our life!  Here are the remaining pictures, each has a bit of a story, so that should be sufficient in getting y'all up to date!!

 Bailey's 1st recital!  She did a tap dance and a ballet dance... super cute, but soooooo long!  Almost 4 hours of watching other people's kids!  Puleeze!  Get on with it already!  Such a production for a bunch of kids!  There was even a mandatory dress rehearsal the day before!  Anyways, I volunteered back stage and had a good time helping all the little ones get ready! Anyone ready to play soccer or softball?... Please?!OHHH! And notice her front tooth is gone!!  The tooth fairy has been SUPER busy (and broke lately)!  More missing teeth to come in future posts!

 Just a lazy, fun day!  Will is in PJ's and, yes, that is lunch being served!  Yippee for forts!!!

Just call him Lumpy!  Still not sure how he fell off the chair, but he did.  Right onto the tile floor, onto his head.  A few days later we were at a hockey game and he fell backwards and got a lump on the other side of his head.  Poor guy!  He just wanted to watch the Zamboni!

Bailey danced at the Del Mar Fair this year, so she and I got in free!  Then daddy had a couple of friends who gave us free tickets, so the rest of the family got in free!!  This picture is of William being his favorite fruit farmer!  A TOMATO!  I think I will print it out make it the tomato marker for our garden!

Other notable happenings in late spring early summer...
1. My nephew Alex was born! So super handsome! Can't wait to meet him in person!
and one day later...
2.. Elena, my most beautiful niece, turned 2!  Talk about precision baby making!  Is that a sport in the Olympics yet?! Thanks Nick and Hannah for your fine work in making me an AUNTIE!!
3. Nate and I celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary & 15th Dating Anniversary!  Finally been married longer than we had dated! But truth be known, we are still dating!  Every Friday night he takes me out!  Looks a little different than it used to (dad's not paying anymore!), but man oh man, I still get butterfly's and look forward to just being with Nate!  Love him more today than ever!
4. Went to Palm Springs for a week and just swam!!  Seriously!  We same three times a day!  It was the best!

Alrighty then!  We are done!  Next will be posts on beach trips, haircuts and lack of teeth!!  And that should about round out our summer!

Love ya like Family! Oh wait...!

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  1. Thank you Molly for the new posts and photos! Very exciting to see the kids, they are growing so fast. Can't wait to see Bailey's new hair. Will looks so cute as a tomato head! Fits with his gardening hobby these days. And miss Maggie has HAIR! YAY! Love you all!!!!
    -Aunt Kate