Monday, August 1, 2011

We are now onto Marvelous March!

In our family March Madness is truly March Madness!  There are 6 birthdays (Great Grandpa Dave, Bailey, Maggie, Grandpa Dave, Aunt Hannah and the fabulous Auntie Kate!) and College Basketball!!  Do any of you remember the picture of me in the hospital, in labor with Bailey, and basketball on the TV... apparently I had relinquished all control of teh remote at that point!  I tried looking for that picture but couldn't find it!  Heidi Jo, I think you snapped that one!

I kinda sucked this month!  We did a bunch of fun things, but I really didn't take any pictures!  Nathan and I were SUPER sick on Bailey's birthday, yet I still managaged to make her a cake and we celebrated at Red Robin.  Normally tradition is Mommy cooks your favorite meal, but when Mommy is feeling green, the family goes red... RED ROBIN!!

Not bad... for a sick family.  Nobody touched this thing for 3 days.  We finally started feeling better then he was demolished!
 We had lots of family help us celebrate the girls' birthdays!  Bailey picked Fancy Nancy as teh theme!  Everyone came in their fanciest attire and even wore lots of beads and feather boas!  Yeah... wish I had pictures of that party!  Would have been awesome blackmail material!!  And since she is getting older, we told Bailey she could choose one friend and we would take them (just them, no Will or Maggie!!) to dinner and ice skating!  Kinda backfired on us since her best friends are twins!  We had a great time with all the girls listening to their giggles!!

Some randomness from the month!
March seemed like a rainy month!  Good thing we had our rainboots!  This is one of my favorite pictures!!

New meaning for "Don't ask, don't tell!!"  I am still not sure how this happened and I probably don't want to!
And later in the month we confirmed that Turner Baby #4 was on the way!!
Totally a Marvelous March!

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