Monday, August 1, 2011

"They make me look like... Me!!!"

***Found this draft post, upon restart of the 'puter!!  It's from January 26th, 20ll. It never got finished so just enjoy it for what it is....

The title quote is directly from the mouth of the boy.  It was his debate clinching, argument ending, statement on why he should wear his cowboy boats... with his navy blue, hawaiian print, boardshorts... and his orange, longsleeved shirt... rather than his light-up tennis shoes... to church.  Apparently those (the afore mentioned light-up tennis shoes with boardshorts and t-shirt) make him look, as he so eloquently put it, "weird."  The cowboy boots and boardshorts (in the middle of January, mind you) paired with an orange lonsleeved shirt, make him... well, him!  And to be quite honest he is right.  This is also the boy who insists on wearing his chonies (when he decides to actually wear them for 10 minutes) backwards.  It really bothers him that Woody and Buzz and Mr. Lightning McQueen (as he refers to him!) and Mater are all on his butt where he can't see them.  So I guess it is better to give oneself a wedgie and see his people.  Ahh the things we do for our friends!

Today I got a picture of Maggie that just delights me!  She is wearing a pink tutu and playing with her brother's motorcylcle!  She is such a dicotomy!  I love it!  This was one of her first forays outside in a few days.  Last week she battled a temperature of 101-103+ and this week it is/was croup type symptoms.  As my mom and grandma would say, "Poor Bessie Bones!"  Don't ask me... but whenever they said it I knew I was really sick and they would take care of me!

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