Monday, September 12, 2011

What Club Did We Join?

If you are reading this, you know who I am and my fairly intense dislike of running (my Mommy told me I was never allowed to say hate, but it would be a good fit in this case!!)  I played goalie in soccer, because I didn't have to run, in softball we only ran bases (and it was ALWAYS my goal to hit a homerun so I could "trot"!) and in football I remember throwing up a ton.  So you see.... running has never been my fortay.

But!  I don't like olives, mushrooms or eggs with runny yolks either, yet I feed them to my kids anyways.  Just because I don't like some things, doesn't mean they shouldn't get to experience them too!  No matter how icky I think it is!!

I signed Bailey and Will up for a RUNNING CLUB!!
(Insert sneaky "MUAHAHAH" laugh here)!

Today was their first day.  Many moms showed up to actually run with their kids (probably to be good examples).  Very noble women indeed!  Me?!  Well... I showed up in flip flops and put Mags in the umbrella stroller.  Not the best example of an "eager to get fit and run with my kids mom".  Bailey was our family distance runner today!!  She ran/walked 1 3/4 miles!!  Will started slow, walking with me, but still ended up with 1 1/4 miles!!  Mags and I meandered a respectable 1 mile.  Afterall,  I was pushing her in her stroller while wearing flip flops for crying out loud (and have I mentioned lately that I am a few months pregnant?)!!!  I loved watching Will and Bailey walking and running together.  On the way home they were even talking about their goals for next week!  They both think they could do two miles in one morning!

So if you are bored any Monday at 8:30am, come with us to Hollandia Park in San Marcos!  We will be running around the soccer field... actaully I will be walking!  Maybe I will have on my sneakers and consider putting Mags in the jogging stroller.  Just maybe.......

Ready to go home and begin our school day!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!  Have a blessed day!  Love you!  SMILE!

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