Saturday, September 3, 2011

And all is right with the world... at least my world!

Yesterday was one of the most incredible days of life my life as an Aunt!  Nate's sister, Hannah and her husband Nick have blessed us with not one but TWO reasons to be an Aunt and Uncle!  Little Miss Elena, is two and her very ruggedly handsome brother, MY NEPHEW, is 3 1/2 months and now they are ONLY 1 hour away from us!!  Yes folks, that is right!  My niece and nephew (along with their pretty cool parents) have moved from beautiful Santa Barbara down to Irresistible Irvine!  Basically this means I can be the stalker aunt I have always dreamed of being!!

But yesterday was supremely awesome because we got to hang out with Elena all day!  (Alex was busy eating and napping most of the day and Nick and Hannah were unpacking boxes and setting up bedrooms.)  I just hope we didn't ruin her!  She ate lunch a little later than normal and her nap was about two hours late, all in the name of hangin' with the cousins.  But we had so much fun at the park and then Chick-Fil-a, where they played some more after lunch in the indoor playground.

My aunts and uncles have always been such an incredible part of my life.  I love having relationships with them separate from my mom.  I guess that might sound weird, but it makes sense to me.  They have always been people I could cry on, laugh at (I mean with) and talk to.  I hope to have the same kind of real relationships with my niece(s) and nephew(s) (Yes, guys! I am hoping for more!) that I do with my own aunts and uncles.  The bond is indescribable.

The Turner's and Sibersky's have already started making plans about getting together on the weekends, double dating while the grandparents watch the kids and surprising Elena and Alex at daycare during the week!  The future for this aunt, uncle and cousins looks blindingly bright!!

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