Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Small Pity Party, With Some Good News At The End

As a parent or someone in charge of overseeing the development of other humans, have you ever wanted to give up?  Some days I feel like I have failed to achieve any of the desired objectives of my job. 

1. Be compassionate to each other
2. Serve others
3. Don't hit (kick, throw things at one another, bite, punch, pinch, scratch) be gentle!
4. No Whining
5. Come when you are called
6. Obey the first time, every time

They hit and kick each other, yell, disobey and are quite sneaky (most days I underestimate their sneakiness).  The even run in the opposite direction of their name being called.  My sprint across the green belt, sans bras and shoes, 7 1/2 months pregnant, chasing after a willful Maggie must have given my neighbors a good chuckle or a heart attack....  And somewhere in the middle of all this I should be teaching them how to read and write.  I feel like to the outside world my kids are pretty good and well behaved.  It's when we get behind closed doors that the Jekyll and Hyde movie starts rolling!  Sending my kids off to school looks really good some days!  But then I remember we would have to deal with all the garbage that entails, AND HOMEWORK!


Meet Lucy Marie Turner!!  She is due Monday, November 14th, but we have chosen a C-section date of Friday, November 11th.  For those of you that aren't as quick, that would be 11/11/11!!  Not really intentional, we just like having family and friends visit, so we figure the weekends are very conducive to that plan!  Please keep in mind that no Turner Baby has come exactly on their chosen date!  Bailey was scheduled to be induced the morning I went into labor, William came 3 weeks prior to his chosen Birthday and I went into labor the day before Maggie's intended day.  So you see, nothing is guaranteed!

Hope to see you all soon!  SMILE at someone today!!  Love, Molly

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