Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas, feeding ducks the beach and Vermont... they are related how?!?

Family pictures recently discovered on an old memory card!!!!

Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Bailey, mommy and an old neighbor that visited us on Christmas Day.

That Christmas Bailey got a singing Barney!

All I wanted to do on my birthday was go to Dixon Lake and feed ducks.  I was still having morning sickness from being preggo with Will!

Bailey and Daddy

Sleepy girl.

Pajamas I wore as a girl and lipstick I wear as a mom!  Zeke, in the background, was NEVER far from Bailey!

He just loved his little girl.  I still miss him some days.

She is wearing a Washington Redskin's jacket that her daddy used to wear!

Daddy and daughter.  Hard to believe she is old enough now, for him to be thinking of teaching her to surf!

VERMONT, Family Reunion, July 2007

I loved showing Nate my family's history.  Oma loved helping me!!

"The Farm"
Where my grandma grew up (she was born in 1932) and her sister, Barb, raised her family.  So beautiful.

Aunt Julie, my mom and Oma crossing the road from where the actual farm was, walking towards the house.

Uncle Jeff lining up the photo of ALL of us in front of the house.  Those rolling hills used to have cows roaming!

Don't EVER spell Petersen with an "O".  We are are very proud Danes!  This is my grandma's (Oma) family plot.

My great-grandfather.

My great-grandmother.

My grandma really hates having to tend to her own stone!  Under her name it says daughter.  I love thinking of her as a little girl in Vermont on the farm.  My grandma is some one's daughter.

My beloved Uncle Jimmy.
Sure do wish he was here to meet my kiddos!  Love you Uncle Jimmy!

Oma's little brother, Billy.  My William, was born on his birthday.  Awesome legacy.

Oma's older brother.

Beautiful surrounding for my family.

Me and Will and Oma.  William was born about 2 weeks after this picture!

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